Olive oil is one of the main products that make up the so-called Mediterranean Diet, which was proclaimed as Intangible Heritage of Humanity in 2013 by UNESCO.
Extra virgin olive oil - the highest quality of olive oil produced and the only type of olive oil we sell - is pure juice from the olive, straight from the olive tree.
Our olive oil comes from olives carefully harvested by producers in the area that belong to a prestigious Cooperative - the biggest and best Cooperative in the Trás-os-Montes region. Our olive oil is fruity and aromatic due to the simple pressing of good olives (damaged ones are rejected) that are harvested on the same day they are pressed so as to better preserve the qualities and flavours of the olives.

The aromas and intrinsic qualities of all extra virgin olive oils are fundamentally dependent on 5 factors:

• The type of olives produced (the variety)
• The degree of maturation of the olives (at the time of harvest)
• The region where the olive grove grows (climate and soil type)
• Handling of the olives on the way to the mill and the timing of its transformation
• Storage conditions